If you’ve ever had windshield problems, you know how frustrating it can be! Your car is running flawlessly fine, but you have to be careful travelling your car because the crack could spread or even shatter at any moment. If the crack is serious, you likely won’t be able to drive until it gets repaired because your windshield isn’t doing its job of protecting you and the interior of your car from the elements. It’s even worse if it’s raining, snowing or windy. Needless to say, nobody likes to get drenched with rain while they’re travelling to work!

Auto Glass Atlanta LLC – Why Might I Need Auto Windshieldtraveling

  • rock could strike your windshield at any moment as you drive down the highway, obstructing your visibility and shattering it.
  • A bump in the road could cause a tiny crack to spread across your windshield.
  • A piece of hail could strike your windshield while your car is parked or while you’re driving.
  • A fender bender might crack the glass.
  • Children throwing baseballs or rocks can cause damage in a hurry.
  • Even sunlight and severe temperatures (hot or cold) can cause issues on a poorly-installed windshield or one that’s already chipped or slightly cracked.

As you can see, windshield problems can occur at any moment, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. (Unfortunately, most of the time windshields don’t break in the parking lot of your local mechanic-though it’d make life easier if they did!)

Can Windshield Problems Be Prevented?

Of course, if you live next door to a Little League baseball diamond you should probably park in the garage, and you shouldn’t tailgate a dump truck full of loose gravel… but in most other cases, it’s out of your hands until the damage is already done. If you’re parked somewhere when a freak hailstorm happens, or you’re driving down the road and something hits your windshield, it’s totally out of your control.

What to Do If Your Windshield Breaks

First, assess the damage. Is it just a small crack? Cover it with a piece of tape or spread some super glue over it-that should keep it from expanding until you can get it repaired. But don’t expect it to last too long. Windshields are integral to the structure of most vehicles, and a cracked windshield is unsafe even if it doesn’t hinder your visibility or allow rain to leak in.

Replacing or Repairing a Damaged Windshield

The irony of putting off repairing your windshield because of the cost is that waiting until a crack grows to eleven inches or longer will mean full replacement, time and a much more expensive-consuming process. Repairing the auto glass will also ensure that you keep your original factory-installed glass, which is more durable and reliable, and have your vehicle up and running a lot faster.

The right company will be able to tell you whether they can fix the chip or crack, or whether you will need to have the glass replaced. Generally, if you have comprehensive car insurance, this kind of repair will be covered, less any deductibles you are required to pay. Regardless, it’s important to take care of a cracked windshield as quickly as possible. Knowing that crack-free auto glass is as important to your safety as seatbelts makes you rethink putting off repairs, doesn’t it?