While a motorbike may be a prized possession to most bikers, there may come a time when some need to shift their old bike, whether they’re choosing to upgrade or simply have no use for it anymore.

Many people might choose to attempt to sell their bike on sites like eBay, but this can bring a whole range of issues, such as unreliable buyers and how you’re going to ship it across the country or even internationally. So, if you’re not keen on the idea of taking on eBay, why not try out some of these other methods for shifting that motorbike.

#1 – Use a Simpler Selling Site

If eBay isn’t really your thing but you want to make a little (or a lot of) extra cash on your motorbike, there are other sites that you can use that are much easier and faster to use. Sites like Motorbike Trader allow you to get a free motorbike valuation just by entering a few details online. They then even pick up the motorbike from you so you don’t have to mess around with shipping costs.

As these sites are designed specifically for buying motorbikes, you can relax a little more, knowing that they will be much more reliable than buyers you might find on eBay. 

#2 – Upcycle Your Bike 

If you can’t quite bear to part with your bike but it’s just sat gathering dust in the garage, you could think about upcycling it to create something new that you know you’ll get enjoyment out of. This may involve taking it to pieces and using elements such as the disc brakes, seats, wheels and just about every part of the motorbike.

This article from AutoWise is the perfect source of inspiration for upcycling projects showing how you can use parts from your old motorbike to create everything from a motorcycle rocking horse to a coffee table and much more. 

#3 – Give it a New Lease of Life 

You may be considering getting rid of your current motorbike in favour of a newer or more attractive model. While this is probably the easiest way to upgrade your motorbike, you could choose to give your current bike a new lease of life by refurbishing it. There are plenty of things you can do to upgrade your current model, and best of all, you end up with a bike that is unique and tells a story.

This article takes a look at 80 different motorcycle modifications, providing a great source that you can take inspiration from, including technical upgrades to the engine or even just a new paint job.

When it’s time to upgrade or shift your motorbike, eBay is not your only option! Whether you choose to hang on to it to upcycle or upgrade, or you choose to sell it by simpler means, there are plenty of options available to you – just take your pick!

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