Cheerson CX-10W

Cheerson CX-10W is the tiniest FPV drone; it is spreads more compact than a child’s hand! And still it flyes very well with lot of entertainment for the lead, even the one with no traveling abilities. It is as little as filled with technology! It has WIFI management operate and it comes with a 0.3 mega-pixel 720p camera that can trasmit stay to your cellphone what is seeing (FPV).

The Cheerson CX-10W can be managed via an APP that you can set up on your Android operating program or iOS smart phone. It makes a WiFi hot spot of its own that you can get connected to using your smart phone. Your cellphone can now be used as an FPV observe as well as a operator. Getting used to money drone via your phone’s movement indicator needs a while, but can be a lot of fun, especially during events and such. And it could make crazy 3d flicks just pushing a button!

If you never tried to fly a quadcopter, or you want to shock your children, this inexpensive design is best suited for upping your traveling abilities. With this Cheerson CX-10W you can fly inside, with no threat for you or your children, as it is very mild and its propellers are little, smooth and un-harmful.

It includes a 0.3mpx camera; the fun factor about it is that you can see what you recognize close to your smartphone’s show. So you could ensure it is fly and enjoy RTF RC quadcopter, or see with it’s sight viewing the cellphone. So you can go below platforms, gates, in other areas, and still be able to lead rtf rc quadcopter even when out of vision. The Wifi has a variety of 15m.

Traveling abilities requirement

Cheerson CX-10W is very simple to fly, you won’t need unique abilities to use it. This design hasn’t innovative flying abilities like more costly and larger drones, so you have to management just front side and rear guidelines, rise, come down, convert remaining, and convert right features. It is made for everyone, with or without expertise in flying big or small drones. Your children will love it, and you will do the same! It is ideal for inside journey, events, gates outside with no breeze.


This new RTF RC quadcopter is ideal for newbies to type in the realm of quadcopters or for an existing to young children or buddies. It is quite simple to lead and crazy to fly, with no threat for individuals or things, as it is very mild and it’s propellers are little and smooth, so really un-harmful. If you already have a larger drone you can use the cx-10w to exercise your abilities or to fly inside when outside is breezy, cool, black, and stormy. And sometimes the entertainment is even better! The FPV component contributes a lot of delight to this little toy. And don’t ignore, it can do crazy 3d flicks just pushing a button!

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