Ear Surgery – Putting your Ears in the Best Position

Ear surgery is a procedure used to improve the proportion, position, and shape of the ear. This procedure can correct misshapen ears that were
caused by an injury, birth defects of the ear structure, and ears that
are very prominent.
Many people opt for ear surgery when they have macrotia (congenital
deformity where the outer ear is underdeveloped and very small), ears
that protrude from one or both sides of the head (otoplasty), or to
correct traumatic ear deformities. If you are contemplating getting
surgery on one or both of your ears, you should talk to an experienced
physician during a consultation and have them give you a detailed
account of the surgery, options available, before and after picture of
patients that have gotten the surgery, costs and more. During your
consultation, feel free to ask all of the questions that concern you
relating to the surgical procedure so you can have a full understanding
and can make a decision based on you needs and circumstance.
otoplasty is a common surgical procedure that is performed on thousands
of patients within the U.S. each year and is performed to correct
prominent ears. During this procedure children are usually put to
sleep to in order to avoid anxiety while adults have a choice in the
matter. This procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis,
either under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. After the surgical
procedure is complete, a head bandage is typically worn for about a week then the patient will wear a headband at night for a thirty day period. The average age most physicians begin correcting anatomical types of
deformities is around 5-6 years of age because this is prior to the time that children enter first grade; however, there are many of these types of procedures performed on individuals of all ages.
Children who are good candidates for ear surgery include those that are
healthy and have no untreated chronic ear infections or life-threatening illnesses, are able to follow instructions and cooperate well, are at
least 5 years old or have their ear cartilage stable enough for
correction, and can communicate their feeling well. Given all of these
factors, it is also essential that a family work with a child-friendly
staff for this procedure that is trained to work with all types of
children. Teens or adults who are good candidates for a surgery on their ears include those that are non smokers, those that have a specific
goal and a positive outlook on their surgical procedure, are healthy and have no medical conditions or life threatening illnesses that will
hinder healing.
The success of any plastic surgery procedure is largely dependant on the surgeon performing the procedure. For this reason, choosing and
experienced surgeon that has many years of training and experience in
the type of surgery you will be getting is essential for the outcome of
your procedure. When getting ear surgery, your doctor should have
extensive training in the area of reconstruction and cosmetic plastic
surgery. A surgeon that is certified by the ABO (American Board of
Otolaryngology), the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery), will be
the best choice of someone who is skilled enough to enhance both natural functionality and aesthetic features of the body with very minimal
Contact the office of a professional and well qualified plastic surgeon
to schedule and appointment so you can get more information on an ear
surgery procedure. During your consultation with a skilled and
professional surgeon, learn of all the options available to you such as
recovery time, how soon you can resume your regular activities, the
costs, special care instructions and more.

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