SIBCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Like others used in everyday purchases, the coin can simply be transferred from one user to another using digital wallets which have unique addresses. SIBCoin is also called the Siberian Сryptocurrency. It is a hard fork of DASH (Digital Cash) and was launched in 2015 in Russia. It’s got all features of DASH and implements some more which makes it special. Most of all, it is ASIC-resistant. It’s more like the Russian Bitcoin.

The team mentioned that their goal is to build up a cryptocurrency that is user-friendly and widely accepted by everyone. The various processes in associated with Blockchain and it’s associating technology can be complicated for newcomers. SIBCoin goals to be the generating drive behind the Russian Blockchain community. It has increased the development of the city in Russia and other countries.

Advantages of SIBCoin

User Details Are Kept Private: users can transact using the coin with total trust that no information will be disclosed. SIBCoin enforces personal privacy using the stealth addresses, RingCT and band signatures. Sending addresses are concealing using band signatures while getting addresses are masked by stealth addresses. This can help to keep obligations private and transactions untraceable.

Low Fees on Transactions: Purchase fees on the SIB Network are next to nothing compared to standard bank and credit cards rates. A Store of Wealth: Like most cryptocurrencies, SIBCoin can be purchased for investment purposes. The increasing value over time has made the token a store of wealth; buying when it’s low and cashing out when the value rises consequently of high demand. A Decentralized Platform: The SIB Network and Coin are fully decentralized; without any central expert. The platform uses a peer to peer communication model that allows two parties initiate transactions without any middleman.

Beyond Borders: Being a coin from Russia, the Siberian Coin can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world to send and receive money.

A Secured Network: The platform has a perfect security feature in place for its users. To ensure community investment is well safeguarded, The Siberian Coin uses much-advanced encryption and a 2 tier protocol as the best security option.

SIB.SALE Platform

The SIB.SALE platform helps cryptocurrency holders purchase SIBCoin conveniently using MIR cards, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa. You can purchase the Siberian Chervonets in 3 easy steps:

  • Specify the wallet address you want your SIBCoin sent after purchase.
  • Enter the quantity you wish to buy.
  • Click on the Buy button to choose your desired payment method.

Your Coins should be in your wallet after a successful transaction.

On the exchanges, the SIBCoin can only be purchased using Bitcoin (BTC) and the Russian Rubbles (RUR). You can exchange Bitcoins for SIB at the following exchanges – C-Cex, YoBit, Bittrex, BTC Alpha, Cryptopia, Livecoin, and Upbeat exchanges. Besides trading your SIBs for Bitcoin, you can also purchase and sell your SIBCoins for the Russian Rubble at Livecoin.

Though the platform is written in Russian, people from all parts of the world can easily convert the texts to English using a Google Chrome browser with the Google Translator extension installed.

Those interested in holding the token can also download a SIBCoin wallet for any version of OS or device they might have. The SIBCoin wallet is available for the iOS 11+, MacOS, Windows, Andriod, and Linux devices. You can also generate a SIBCoin wallet address online with this link.


The cryptocurrency is gradually becoming the driving force behind the Russian Blockchain community. Meetups being held in the Siberian city and other western Russian cities as well has helped strengthened and contributed to its growth immensely. Sending and receiving money in real time using a decentralized platform which is way more secure, faster, and costs less to send to anyone, anywhere in the world has been made comfortable and convenient with projects like the SIBCoin.

With the SIBCoin’s continuous and steady growth since November 2016, the SIBCoin is one token people will want to spend money on 2018. Whether you are searching for a cryptocurrency for everyday obligations, or as an investment, the SIBCoin is a cryptocurrency you might like to consider holding.

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