Many people are looking for the cheapest T-shirt printing Singapore services when it comes to customizing apparels. Who isn’t?! Therefore, we are posting with you a few pricing tips you can follow that might help you save up to 100% when customizing your T-Shirts & Apparels.

1) Bigger Quantity = Bigger Savings

Cca shirt printing – Quantity is the number of pieces of T-Shirts or apparels you require for your order. It plays a huge factor in terms of pricing. Usually, the set-up cost for T-shirt printing services is very high. The good news is that these costs can be spread across the quantity. For example, if you order 20 pieces, and the set-up costs is $100, then the cost price is $5/piece. If you order 100 pieces, and the set-up costs is still $100, then the cost price is only $1/piece. That’s a whoopin’ 500% saving! Although this is a very simple way to understand how quantity affects the pricing, the general rule of thumb when it comes to T-Shirt printing in Singapore, the higher the quantity, the lower the pricing, and vice versa. Therefore, we recommend to have at least 20 pieces of T-shirts per order to get an affordable price quotation. We specialize producing bulk & cheap custom T-shirts. Those who are looking for one piece or no minimum order custom T-Shirts, you could head down to T-shirt printing shops in Queensway shopping mall to meet your requirements.

2) Lesser Colours = Less Expensive

Number of Colours to printing also plays an enormous role in the prices. The different approach to printing, have different set-up costs. With regards to silk display printing, the greater colors there are to printing, the bigger the pricing. Not merely must yet another mould & printer ink needs to be used for each color, the number of manhours and work to printing also increases the costs. For instance, if your design has 5 colors, then your printing process will demand the T-Shirts to endure 5 levels of mold and printing to attain the required design. Hence, it is strongly recommended to keep the designs easy to one or two 2 colors to save lots of on T-Shirt printing in Singapore! A significant tip to keep in mind, even if your front side & back again design is imprinted in white printer ink, it’ll be regarded as a 2 color job printing. Therefore, the number of locations of printing issues too.

3) Choose the Most Suitable Method of Print

The printing method is important when is involves T-Shirt printing. Silkscreen printing is the most common method of print as it creates long-lasting prints. They are very cost-efficient at bulk quantities. However, as mentioned before, there are no perfect methods, but the ones best suited to meet your needs. For example, Embroidery can be considered a more expensive method of printing as it adds class and professionalism to the apparel. However, at lower quantities below 50 pieces, embroidery could be one of the more budget-friendly printing methods. This is on the assumption your design can be embroidered with clarity in the first place. This could be the toughest factor to take into consideration without much printing knowledge! This is where our passionate crew will help you out. They are here to provide the best T-Shirt printing services in Singapore and make you a happy customer!

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