When you are looking for a Wichita plumber, the place to start is asking your family and friends for names of the best plumber Wichita has to offer. Other good sources of referrals include contractors, real estate agents and your local home improvement store.

The city website may even be able to provide a list of recommended Wichita plumbers who are familiar with the codes in the area.

When requesting referrals for Wichita plumbers, be sure to ask the following questions:

Does the plumber specialize in residential or commercial work?
Residential and commercial plumbing jobs are quite different, so be sure to check whether your plumber specializes in residential or commercial work. If f your reference is uncertain, you can typically find this information on the plumber’s website or Yellow Pages ad

What type of job was the plumber called in to accomplish?
Plumbers do a variety of jobs all related to the plumbing in your home. Aside from working on the pipes in your home, they may also install sprinklers or work on heating and air conditioning units.
Be sure to ask what type of project the plumber was asked to work on. The more similar it is to your project, the more assured you will be that the plumber is experienced with that type of work.

Were you happy with the quality of work provided by the plumbing company?
Everybody has their own ideas of quality, so you should ask a few questions. Did the plumbing company respond quickly? Was the repair made satisfactorily in one service call? Or did the plumber need to come back again?

Did the plumber protect the flooring, walls, or fixtures around the work area?
Plumbers often work with heavy wrenches, pipes, and tool boxes that can damage your floors, walls, and other fixtures if the plumber isn’t careful. Plus, plumbers often work in dirty conditions and may have mud on their clothing and shoes from a previous call. The plumber should protect your home from dirt and damage by laying down drop clothes and working carefully in tight spaces.

Were they courteous and polite?
This is a very important consideration. The entire experience, from beginning to end, needs to be as stress free as possible. Plus if the plumber enjoys his job, the quality and attention to details will be better. The plumber’s attitude can and will affect the entire job. Hopefully this will be the first question you ask. If the answer to this question is “no” then do not go any further, you don’t want to work with that plumber.

Is a warranty included?
If a warranty was included find out if it has a reasonable amount of time before expiring. Simply stating a warranty isn’t enough. Get it in writing and understand its limitations! A good plumber is happy to stand behind his warranty. Good plumbers use quality materials and know their level of expertise. If a plumber will not offer a warranty, find one that will.

Be sure to ask these questions before hiring a plumber in Wichita to ensure you hire the right plumber for the job and your repairs or remodeling project are done competently and efficiently.

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