Drive around long enough, and you’re bound to obtain a flat tire. While this usually just means spending a supplementary hour stuck on the road, the situation can quickly turn sour in case a distracted driver slams into your automobile. Ultra-bright, waterproof, and with the capacity of working even after being run over, 1TAC’s safety disc ensures motorists can location your ride from more than 5,000 feet away, providing them with the required time to make way. Visit:

Signal individuals from over 5,000 feet away w/ 15 ultra-bright LEDs
Broadcast your occurrence w/ 9 unique blinking modes
Utilize the magnetic bottom part to keep the disc to your car
Activate the disc w/ an individual click
Use in the torrential rain or a flood because of the waterproof design
Sizes: 3.9″ x 3.9″ x 1.3″
Weight: 1.1 lbs
Electricity source: 3 AAA batteries
Visibility: 5,000+ feet away
9 unique flashing modes
Run time: 13 hours
Lamp life: 1,000+ hours
Overall, they’re a perfect replacement for incendiary flares, and also have applications to practically every one of the same security circumstances. Compared to incendiary flares, you face no toxic emissions and dangerous environmental byproducts, and you don’t conclude littering disposable products.

Truly bright flares may be obvious from a mile away, making them ideal for search and rescue situations. You can place them around a dangerous area privately of the street, and effectively triple the grade of your hazard equipment and lighting. So when you’re devoid of a poor day, LED highway flares remain a sensible way to light the right path home from communicating a walk in the country.

And it’s easy to find LED flares built to adhere to Department of Travel Standards, or the various safety rules outlined by administration offices. LED flares are being used by firefighters, first responders, police, and a large number of similar professions doing emergency work. Even specific motorists can benefit from having safeness flares. In conditions where it might seem foolish to use a disposable flare, the reusability of LED highway flares make sure they are highly pragmatic, affordable, and protective.

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