The Syma X56W is the newest addition to Syma’s well-known X5 line of small RC quadcopter and is currently the leading X5 design. It also features the most innovative Wi-Fi FPV digital camera that any X5 has seen to period.

The Syma X56W, along with its non-FPV brother — the X5UC — signify a huge enhancement in style boasting in comparison to previously X5 designs. They also cost more — the SYMA X56W currently offers for $89.99 while the X5UC offers for $54.99. Both designs are now available at most well-known online shops, which offered the example presented in this evaluation.

At approximately $35 more than Syma is other new Wi-Fi FPV drone — the X5HW, is the SYMA X56W value its price tag? After having over a number of flight tickets with the SYMA X56W, I am grateful to say that it is definitely of great benefit. Study on and you will figure out why.

   Transmitter power: Four AAA battery power (not included)

For a start, the SYMA X56W features a new body system and has a number of style features that are different in comparison to previously X5 designs. Even the transmitter has a new style, looking more like a DJI Phantom 4 transmitter. At the top of the is a fairly energy key which is simpler to access in comparison to the ability changes that were situated at the end on previously designs.

LED lighting is situated straight below the engines, which is great for alignment. Earlier X5 has had their LED lighting beneath engine hands and because they are nearer to each other, alignment can be a bit difficult over long ranges.  Landing feet are also new and less heavy besides being smaller. This helps the possibility of the drone showing over during difficult landings — something which is common with previously X5’s that feature higher feet.

The SYMA X56W RC quadcopter features an exclusive battery energy style, which spots into the back of our bodies. Gone is battery energy entrance and the new battery energy comes with no plug cables. It is simpler to use and looks awesome too. You no longer need to fuss about with plug cables and things them into the bay before ending battery energy entrance, which can sometimes lead to cables getting attached and broken. With the new style, you just glide battery energy in and it will simply click in place safely.

The brace protectors, too, have been remodeled. In previously designs, brace protectors were properly secured with small nails, which are very hard to discover when they stray. The SYMA X56W RC quadcopter brace protector includes slot-in style that does not require any nails.

The transmitter is something value discussing about as well. It provides a pebble-shape style and although it has an appearance made entirely of nasty, it actually seems very relaxed. Fine hits such as the red chrome around the management stays provide the transmitter a top quality look. It is awesome to see Syma get rid of the old transmitter style that came with previously X5’s. I have never been a fan of how they seemed.

At the top of the transmitter is a port that allows you to fasten a phone owner. When not in use, the owner can be eliminated and the port shut with a cover. This style strategy is a lot more awesome in comparison to the slip-on technique used in the mature transmitter.

On the down side, the new transmitter no a longer period features an LCD display of RC quadcopter  and cutting is done by pushing in the left management keep. This means you will not be able to see your cut principles and other information such as battery pack.

FPV Camera

One of the most amazing features of the Syma X56W is its digital camera. Not only does it feature HD 720P movie and a much better picture indicator, it also has a new body system with a twist-to-lock style. Syma has also found a new way to protect up you cable from perspective by concealing it inside the secure. This procedure makes a very clean overall look.

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