Car engine is similar to the foremost organs of individuals, wherever fuel, pressure plus electricity interact to make a tiny blast in the burning up chamber. It kickstarts the whole lot by moving the pistons up plus down so that to produce sufficient energy and press the car frontward. The abrasion however, is a large challenge, wherever your time down the entire process and creates the vitality alteration much incompetent. The aged the car, the bigger the fuel ingesting, and therefore, the bigger fuel cost.

Regardless of car type, persons are usually wasting one-third of the gasoline just due to tiring engine. Until a spot wherever it become very costly to maintain/repair, as well as discarded in the end. For ecological reason, a worn out car engine motor suggestively increases heating as well as carbon dioxide release too. At the final of the day, those autos will continually finish up in landfill in any other case junkyard.

So, just how do we cut down car engine’s rubbing? Lubricant.

Maximum of the automobile engine lubricant available on the market doesn’t last long as well as not necessarily ecological friendly. Yet, it isn’t inexpensive per program. Therefore, we need a better technology to assist us so our car could go longer, better energy change, eco-friendly and cost-saving.


TriboTEX, in addition known as CarBoss, can be an engine unit oil lubricant with nanotechnology that products dropping friction (down to super-lubricity level) and upsurges hp by 3-5%. By the tiny nanoparticles, it varieties a covering level that defends and lubricates the engine unit for a protracted period. At the same time, it recovers the entire performance by 6-8%, plus your car lives long and healthier.

For car maintenance, the over-all engine oil need to alteration at every 3 000 -10 ooo a long way dependent on the car type. Utilizing the nano technology, it continues for 40 000 a long way prior to the next intermission and removes expressively minimal oil. More significantly, the noises and heat diminishes greatly too.


Created by TriboTEX, a cutting-edge technology firm who emphases on providing review and services, in addition to making nano-lubricant as well as related equipment. TriboTEX has received lots of numerous money toward conduct the research, counting National Research Base (NSF), Nationwide Aernautics and Space Admin (NASA), Division of Energy (DOE), Hydro ability Research Basis (HRF), plus much more.


TriboTEX works on closely all kind of vehicles, counting sedans, high-performance extravagance cars, antique muscle vehicles, hybrids, trucks in any other case diesels.

Drive your vehicle generally to warm up the engine beforehand apply.

Start the oil reservoir plus eject all the syringe content (0.7 oz) into the tank.

Allow car sit for about 15min and watch the magical happen (reduce noise, better power efficiency as well as efficiency).

Soon later, your car would go through the outcome of nano-technology correct once you restocked the tank. Unlike other lubricants, one CarBoss addition can previous up to 40 000 mile per travel otherwise years beforehand another interval. Give your car a technical raise, the older the automobile, the enhanced the effect!

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