The use of promotional videos is becoming a more accepted way to market your business online!Read on to see 3 things you can do to maximize the marketing effectiveness of the videos you use to grow your business! The use of promotional videos is becoming a more accepted way to market your business online! Done correctly the use of video can really help to grow your business. On the other hand however the way some utilize this strategy tends to limit its marketing effectiveness. In fact in some cases it can be downright irritating for many recipients.Here are 3 areas that promoters may want to take a closer look at when using videos online in order to maximize its marketing effectiveness!It Controls YOUR TimePeople tend to scan any information they come across online before deciding if they are even willing to invest their valuable time. When you use visual aides to market your business it is ‘polite’ to at least allow viewers to know how long the presentation will last. Many send out their video without any indication of the time needed to view it which tends to show little consideration of others time. The message this sends is ‘stop the world and listen to what I’ve got to say’ and this is not a great way to make a good impression, let alone deliver your message!

It Is EgotisticalMuch like copy writing it is important to remember the message being conveyed should be about the viewers and not yourself! Many presenters give themselves FAR TOO much credit for being entertaining, engaging or even worth the time needed to view their presentation! When reading content at least you can quickly scan over the material of the least interest to you, but videos make you watch every agonizing second. If you want to grow your business online with the use of visual aides at least get quickly to the point of your presentation and please leave your personal accomplishments out of it!

Content Is Anti-ClimaticDo not tell people the length of the presentation is shorter than it actually is nor do not make other promises and not deliver. People are busy and to abuse the use of their time by having them view a lengthy presentation that does not deliver as promised is a sure way to drive them away! Quite simply your marketing effectiveness is dependent upon the trust you build and the courtesy you extend to others. Wasting someone’s time with a lengthy video that did not contain what you advertised is not a way to win friends or influence people, trust me!Promotional videos can be a great way to grow your business but more focus needs to be placed on the viewers needs!

Many promoters overlook the fact that in order to market your business you must get your message delivered. Unfortunately the way many use visual aides online tends to sabotage their marketing effectiveness by inadvertently driving viewers away. 3 common misuses of video are discussed above but can be easily remedied with a few minor adjustments. Simply keep in mind the message should focus on the needs of the viewer while consideration of their time is equally important as well!